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The free web application WordValue carries out simultaneous corpus frequency searches for customised lists of linguistic items and colour-codes them in context according to their predefined characteristics.

Find out how often all the words from a word list occur in a text by carrying out a single search, and use colour to get a fast and intuitive impression of how words with similar qualities are distributed in a text relative to each other.

Upload your own files, use the available preset texts and tables or simply type your own text into a text box to try out WordValue right away!

WordValue has possible applications in linguistics, literary studies, language learning and many other fields that use language.

What WordValue can do (45 secs)

Linguistic software demonstration (16:33): WordValue, version 1.1


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Downloadable table

Coloured Text:

Etymological origin of the 200 most frequent English words in William Wordsworth’s Daffodils: Germanic orange, Romance blue

Part of speech of the 2500 most frequent English words in Lewis Carroll’s Alice: nouns blue, verbs green, adjectives pink; background text (i.e. words that are not part of the search list) in grey

Gender of personal pronouns and characters’ names in Lewis Carroll’s Alice: female red, male blue, unmarked green; background text (i.e. words that are not part of the search list) in grey

Try it out yourself: How many male pronouns are there in the first chapter of Alice? Hint: Surprisingly few.

New features since the last update:

  • improved access structure: combine text files and tables more easily to achieve new results
  • upload Excel files (in addition to .csv files) for added comfort
  • type or paste your text directly into a text box

What WordValue can offer you:

  • dynamic tables that can be sorted by columns
  • downloadable results tables (.csv and Excel)
  • customisable "background" colour for all words in the text that do not match any search key
  • the option to use lemmatised search