Welcome to WordValue. Rainbow your texts!

Our free web application carries out simultaneous corpus frequency searches for customised lists of linguistic items and colour-codes them in context according to their predefined characteristics.

Find out how often all the words from your own list occur in texts by carrying out a single search, and use colour to get a fast and intuitive impression of how words with similar qualities are distributed in your text relative to each other.

WordValue has possible applications in linguistics, literary studies, language learning and many other fields.

Use our convenient preset files to try out WordValue right away!


  • preset .csv tables and .txt files allow first-time users to try out WordValue immediately and complement users' own data
  • easy reuse of previously uploaded .txt and .csv files in new experiments
  • customisable "background" colour for all words in the text that do not match any search key
  • dynamic tables that can be sorted by columns
  • downloadable results tables (.csv and Excel)
  • improved loading times with update on progress